Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cashew nut milk

Today was our first trial at making milk! As my youngest is unable to have cow's milk, we are enjoying the new found joys of making milk! So not only do we get fresh eggs we get fresh milk too! Looking forward to the fantastic recipes to come from the pulp as well, first on the agenda cashew cheese!


  1. Just wondering how you are making the cashew milk.
    Could you add your recipe to your posting ? Some of my friends are lactose intolerant, like your son, but are able to drink kefir made with raw milk. Kefir has many medicinal benefits and you can make a delicious fruit smoothie with it every morning or make different kinds of cheeses from it too! (I came over from the Chicken Chicks blog hop.) Come visit us when you have a chance: We are in Northern Vermont.

  2. I use the SoyaJoy 3G milk maker. I soak the nuts, put them in the machine, and press one button. It takes about 3 minutes for 1.6 liters of raw milk. The almond milk is higher in nutrients than cashew or oats.

    I purchased the machine from Amazon: