Friday, February 22, 2013

Picture of the Day 2/22/2013 Spring is Around the Corner

The weather is turning more spring-like instead of wintery.  The girls are able to spend all day free-ranging in the yard.

So, I put the food back into the enclosure instead of the coop.  The water will stay for a bit longer.  The days are still not that long.

Every morning I have to take Sassy out of the coop.  I think she has some arthritis that makes it difficult for her to go down the ramp.  She does fine with going up the ramp, however.

Each morning, I open the doors and Sassy waits for me to pick her up and gently put her on the ground.  Getting out of the coop is much healthier for her.  Out of the coop, she can take her dust baths!

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