Thursday, July 26, 2012

Building a Roost for the Heat

The girls have been suffering with the heat right along with us.  They have stopped sleeping in the coop at night, probably because of the heat.  They tried sleeping on top of the coop, but I hated cleaning up the poo.

So, I took 2 2x4s and made the simple roost.  The roost is not attached to the fence, but the 45 degree angle on the ends of the boards allowed me to wedge it in.  This way I can move the roost to clean under it.

The cinder blocks will be put down again.  We turn them over every day or so to let the ladies eat the bugs.  Just like dessert!

Notice the boots on Jakob.  My friend Kathy found them for me.  He loves playing with the hose, but never gets his feet wet.  Except when he fills his boots with water...

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