Monday, July 9, 2012

Chickens Not Too Sure About Enclosure

Standing around wondering why they are penned.
The chickens seemed confused when we put them in last night.  Normally, they are put in the coop and the coop door locked.

However, with the new enclosure, they did not know what to do with all the new space. It seemed too different for them.

They started pacing the perimeter, talking to us, and flying up onto the wire.  We decided that too much change is not good.

We locked them into the coop.  They immediately calmed down.  This morning, we let them out of the coop, but kept them in the enclosure.  We want them to feel safe within the enclosure.

We will see how they react tonight.  

Still checking out the new space.

They don't seem to know what to do.

Girls running back and forth.

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