Sunday, January 13, 2013

Picture of the Day 1/13/2013

Winter storm Gandolf was not as bad as forecast.  In Billings, we only received 8" of snow -- where 12" had been forecast.  The temperatures did stay close to 0 degrees, but the temperature rose to 20 degrees today.

In fact, the girls came out on their shoveled path, onto the shoveled patio, and down their shoveled sidewalk.  Not for long, but they did get out today. 

The water heater tins worked great.  A 40-watt bulb prevented the water from freezing!  The tin inside the coop also gave off "safe" heat for them.

The girls seem to have survived their first below zero adventure.  I am having some trouble cleaning the poo -- it is frozen to the floor of the coop.  Go figure!


  1. Wow, I couldn't imagine raising chickens in freezing weather like that. After reading your post, I'll never complain about cool mornings where I live again lol. Found you via the clever chicks blog hop.

  2. Thanks for visiting! Our chickens are cold hardy. We get used to dealing with the cold. However, we prefer the weather to be much nicer. ;-)