Thursday, January 24, 2013

Picture of the Day 1/24/2013 Getting Ready

Every day when I leave for school, it is dark.  When I get home, I have about an hour of light before it gets dark. 

I like to give the girls a treat every afternoon.  I also do poo patrol, collect eggs, and sit and watch the girls.

That is my wind down time before dinner.  My chickens give me cheap mental health!

We get to pick up our rescue chicken tomorrow.  All the reading I have done on transporting a chicken tells me to use a cardboard box, a crate, a rubbermaid box, an animal carrier, or whatever.  I even read someone used pillowcases. 

I have read to have a cover for the box; I have read it is okay to leave it uncovered. 

I have read about putting holes in the box.

I have read to keep it dark to calm the bird.

The one thing I read consistently, is to put pine shavings or straw in the box to keep the chicken from sliding around.

Size of the container also varied greatly.  One site said use a 12" x 12" box so the chicken will not move too much.  Another said to use a box big enough for the wings to flap.  I am not sure I want flapping wings.

So, I think there is no set rule.  Just make sure the bird is safe, comfortable, and calm. 

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