Thursday, January 17, 2013

Picture of the Day 1/17/2013

This is Spice, Ginger, and Yoda on the roost inside the coop.  When the weather is bad, you can usually find them inside the coop.

We have had horrible winds and wind chills this past week.  The air temperatures are 30-35 degrees, but the wind chills are still close to 0 degrees.  If you give the ladies a place out of the wind, they are content.

On another note, because the temperatures were above freezing, the poo was no longer frozen to the coop floor.  I was able to clean out the poo.  


  1. Spice, Ginger, and Yoda are very cute! My chickens hate the wind, too.

  2. This year seems to be very windy. Keeps the girls in sheltered areas a LOT!