Thursday, December 6, 2012

Using the pulp!

I have been searching for recipes to use with different pulps, I haven't finalized any to my standard of perfection yet but some are pretty good. I have found jakob prefers rice milk over all the others for drinking but almond is really the one to use for day to day cereal, baking, and smoothies! However I agree with jakob and say that the rice milk tastes the best for drinking!

Here is a recipe that is good and continually getting good reviews in other blogs as being good not just ok. I am drying out my almond pulp now to make some for us tonight! I am going to use my Stampin Up cookie presses as those are so delightful to see, and the kids enjoy the designs!

Somebody posted a receipe a while back for banana bread. It is delish!!!

1 cup almond pulp
1 cup coconut
6-12 dates, not soaked
1 banana
1/4 cup oil (I use coconut oil)

It works best for me if I mix coconut and dates in food processor, then add banana, oil, and lastly the almond pulp. Sometimes I have to mix the last in by hand, as I have a very small food processor.

Spread on telflex sheets 1/4" thick or use cookie dropper and make individual cookies, smashing down to 1/4" or so. Dehydrate, flipping when desired.

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